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Series II Wrap

Background to Participation

  1. A handful of CEOs/MDs are approached from each industry from which we would like to reflect a career, business and leadership experience.

  2. At a highly personal level they are asked to contribute key moments or observations that helped shape values, philosophies, and in particular, ‘passion points’.

  3. If prepared to put their heads above the parapet, it still remains for the associated company to back both their leader as well as the series’ ideals, part-contributing to the costs of the ongoing project.

  4. As you can imagine, outside-the-box, business-in-community projects to “benefit the wider good”, directed by an outside zealot, with additional non-self promotion and real-speak ‘house-rules’ ...aren’t always top of the pops with marketing or PR departments - along with (to be fair) pre-allocated budgets for the year.

  5. The above process is how we arrive at the right candidate and company to effectively represent their industry for this project’s ideals at least.

  6. When asked to step forward for the benefit of our wider business community, those brands, cultures and on-camera participants you see here were willing (and able) to do just that.


As we roll out of week 8 of the series 2 series of Leaders Review Key Moments vignettes on TV One just a "thank you" again for our participating

intrapreneurs and CEOs, Paul Herrod of KPMG

David Stone of the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum,

and series newbie, Damian Camp of exporters, NZ Aerospace.

Grateful thanks also to our additional and very long-time supporters,

of our collective leadership exercise, NEC and NZ Trade & Enterprise.

Whether through the daily TV slots or online breakout versions

it appears many have enjoyed the straight-talk on leadership from our

series leaders which of course, is the idea. (Thank you also for all

the additional video Alert subscribers too who have joined us 

in series II - and for the compliments ;-)

Please join us for Series III in late August.

Many, many thanks for following and, again, for your encouragement.



Exporting: Commitment & Assumptions.


Putting the second Key Moments series together, long-time supporter,
NZ Trade & Enterprise nominated a number of candidates as our series’ export intrapreneur.

Certainly, an NZ business exporting aeroplanes was a little hard to ignore, as was Pacific Aerospace CEO, Damian Camp’s most grounded ideas on the realities of setting up export markets all over the globe, along with the wishful-thinking traps assumption could lay.

I left his initial interview with no doubts as to the hard-won, long game of making it happen in places where it had never before, yet there was a definite reassurance within Damian’s same words. While there was no defined schedule for market breakthroughs, there appeared to be a certainty in playing the long-game as he defined it, and the truth that every deal had to be respected with its own unique life.

Moreover the man loved what he was doing; whether the deal took three weeks or three years, the journey was a vocation in itself.

Where Leaders Review Key Moments is seen this week:

    TV ONE Early-Breakfast - This week Tuesday (2x), Wed to Friday  
    [*Will vary slightly given the live nature of 

  2. 7.23AM Repeats on “Plus 1” (TVNZ7 Digital Channel) 

  3. TV One additional broadcasts this week:
    THURS 7.50AM
    Breakfast, TV One Wellington/Lower North Island
    FRI TV 17:20PM
    Masterchef Professionals Australia, TV One Southern

  4. Extended version online at from Tuesday coinciding with Tuesday press release.

Leadership: They gotta love you?


A theme, returning NZ Telecommunications Forum boss, David Stone, originally touched on in his first interview, was the very real-world conundrum of leaders wishing to be popular and at the same time, effective.

‘Never forgot David’s two lines from that chat: “Not everyone’s going to love you...” and “You can’t bend like a straw in the wind.” so for his latest Leaders Review vignette, I asked him if we could explore the theme further

The TV and online pieces were again, like all previous years’ Telecommunications Industry leaders, produced thanks to the support of
NEC New Zealand.

I’m sure for many leaders its a popularity vs the most effective pathway is a source of tension. As Mr Stone points out, the more stakeholders, the more unlikely folks are going to be with the leader’s take on the best approach.

This leads to the old chestnut themes of loneliness at the top, and living with a constant lack of approbation from at least some employees at any one time.

The solution neither lies, he asserts, in becoming a gratuitously, uncompromising so-and-so. Bluntness and honesty, “and helping folks find their way to the middle,” are the way he says.

This week we kick off a bit later, first with a regional primetime start for lower North Island (including TV One’s Network News (6.40PM is where David appears) and nationwide once again from Wednesday in our usual Leaders Review morning spots.

So - be straight forward with the tough news this week,
but by no means ever revel in that stance.


Peter Anich


Its not the What, nor the How, but the Why.


Interviewing Paul Herrod, CEO of KPMG, for series 2, he brought up an intriguing angle regarding how it was highly engaging for a leader and an organization to start establishing (for themselves and everyone) what overall purpose working to any brief delivered, beyond the standard what an organization promised, or the breakdown of how they would set upon the particular task.

The lightning rod for Paul was seeing how his firm’s participation in the Rugby World Cup took on far wider, and certainly visible, dimensions beyond the ‘risk assessment’ work they were brought on as a sponsor to do. ‘Waves of consequence’ lapped a much wider community and indeed New Zealand itself, and certainly beyond the immediate success of their direct client, the Rugby Union, at the time.

It came down to the real (if at first, ‘twee’) concept that there was perhaps an even higher purpose to ‘getting it done right’ or simply ticking all the boxes while doing business.

That NZ inc. ideal is in fact a strong motivator for many leaders I have met,

and certainly struck a chord, given the central purposes of our series. So this theme simply had to open Series II.

In the online, long-play version (released this afternoon to coincide with our press release) KPMG’s CEO explains some of the run-on effects in terms of some of the first-up reactions from others outside his organization and within.

Focus on the right things this week. (Helps a fair bit.)

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Featured Leaders for 2013

  1. Wallis Dumper
    Long-time industry stalwart, asked
    to return as Managing Director of Subaru NZ, Sept 2010.
  2. Previously helmed Subaru’s NZ operation 1996-2006 rebuilding brand’s dealer network.

  3. President Motor Industry Association 2008-2009 and Vice-President 2006, 2008.

  4. Career has spanned motorcycle and automotive service including 4-year stint setting up independent distributer business for brands Land Rover - Jaguar.


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  1. David Stone
    Appointed CEO of the TCF November 2009, after two years on its board representing Vodafone.
  2. Career spanned new entrant   challenger and established entities.

  3. First joined the telecommunications industry in 1996, after beginning working life as an exploration geologist, then practising law in New Zealand, England  and Australia.

  4. Most recent position as Head of Industry Affairs at Vodafone New Zealand.

  1. Paul Herrod
    Appointed CEO, KPMG New Zealand
    in July 2011 after heading the firm’s
    Audit & National Risk Management Division as Managing Partner.
  2. A BA Physics at Oxford, originally joins KPMG’s London office.

  3. Following a 2 year secondment to New Zealand in 1994, transferred permanently, 1998.

  4. Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, England   & Wales, Member of NZ Institute Chartered Accountants, and also a member of NZICA’s practice review board.

  1. Damian Camp
    Appointed CEO, Pacific Aerospace , 2006, later joining the board of  Aviation Industry Cluster.
  2. Formerly CEO biotech firm, Ovita and Board Member, NZBio.

  3. Consultant for Chicago-based,
    A.T.Kearny Ltd.

  4. Educated University of Otago, Bachelor of Applied Sciences. Later career, forgoes MIT scholarship to take up Pacific Aerospace role.